Resume – painting 

                        Born in Israel

1962-1965       Lives in Nigeria

1984-1988       Lives and creates in Japan

1991-1992       Lives and creates in Japan

1992-1995       Lives and creates un Haifa , Israel

1995                Lives and creates in L.A.,California

1999-2006       Lives in Ein-Hod Artists Village.Studio in Ein-Carmel ,Artists  Workshops ,Israel

2006-2018       Lives & creates in Zickron Yaakov , Israel 


Studies in Israel 

1979                Fine Arts, Ein-Hod artists Village

1980-81           Graphic design, Wizo, College for design, Haifa, Israel

1979-1982       Creative dance & choreography, studio Yardena Cohen &  studio Ruth Eshel 


Studies in Japan

1985-1987       Butoh Dance with its founder Ohno Kazuo

1986-1992       Percussion with the Japanese Musician Kei Masuda


Solo Exhibitions

1987                Kyoni Gallery, Tokyo

1989                Tirosh Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1990                “Insane Flowers”, Ronit Stern, Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel

1990                “Insane Flowers”, Tivon Art Center, Israel

1993                Herzliya Museum of Art, Herzliya, Israel [catalogue] 

1993                Rosh Hanikra Gallery, Israel

1994                The New Gallery, Beit Aba Hushi, Israel

1997               “Sky Abyss”, Haifa Museum. The National Maritime Museum, Israel  [catalogue]

2003                "Critical Mass" , 11 oil paintings, 1 video dance,  Nessya Art Gallery ,Israel

2016               “Dress” ,Publink Art Space ,Warsaw ,Poland 

2017               “Naked Dress” , Wilfrid Museum, Israel  

2018                "Fall Signal", Canopy Galley, Netanya, Israel   


Group exhibitions

1982                Young Artists Biennale, Museum of Modern art, Haifa, Israel

1984                “The White Exhibition”, Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1984                Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1984                Artists House, Haifa, Israel

1986                Ueno Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo [catalogue]

1988                “Tokyo Transmission “88”, Seibu, Tokyo [catalogue]

1990                Givat Haviva Art Center, Israel 

1992                Hillside Gallery, Tokyo

1994                4th Art Fair, Istanbul

1994                Shalom Gallery, Istanbul

1998                “Inside the pyramid”, Pyramid, Contemporary Art Center, Haifa

1998                “Near Far”, Pyramid, contemporary Art Center, Haifa [catalogue]

‏2000                “Greeting of Peace”, Gallery for Peace, Givat Haviva

2000                " This nakedness is going to drive me crazy"

2000                Ein-Hod Artists Gallery, Ein-Hod Artist Village, Israel 

2001               “Children” ,The Holiday of Holidays 2001,Beit Hagefen,The  Arab  Jewish Center,                                  Haifa, [catalogue]                        

2001                “North Wind” ,Azrieli Tower , Tel-Aviv,Israel

2002               “Concealed & Revealed “ , Mishkenot Sha’ananim ,Jerusalem                  

2003                “Art In Conflict “ , Ein-Hod Gallery,Israel

2003                Dance & Media – Video Dance Festival, Goethe Institute Tokyo, Japan 

2003                "Starting Point"  , Ein-Hod Gallery,Israel

2004                "Salon des Artistes Independants ", Paris, France

2004                Internasional art fair, Cannes 2004, France [3rd place prize] [catalogue 

2004                "Volvo Urbaninteriors", Business design center, London

2006                "Way of the Mandala",wilfrid Israel Museum, Israel [catalogue]

2006                "circus", Ein Hod Gallery, Israel

2009               "Links",The holiday of holidays festival,Beit Hagefen,Arab-

                        Jewish Center, Haifa, Israel  [catalogue]

2012                "Black And White+ Color", Gann Shemuel Art Gallery, Israel

2013               "14 Artist Journals", by Orly Avineri, participating with 12 prints

                        of "Dress" series Paintings .Published in California, U.S.A. 

2014                "So abstract", 44 Degrees art magazine

2014                "White", House for art in Karkur, Israel   

2015                "Elegant It's Not Goona Be "- video art,  " 7 Sins" –

                         group exhibition "Hasuka" Gallery, Binyamina, Israel

2015                 "Ladies first" ,Arttable, on line exhibition 

2015                 3 days Intensive Butoh workshop and Artist talk,Berlin, Germany 

2016                 “Table of Silence” –Project.1hour solo Butoh performance & video art, Theater

                          Institute, Warsaw, Poland 

2016                 AVI-Art Video International Festival 2016, Israeli Film museum, Jerusalem

2017              “7 minutes of fame”, A Place for Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018               “Made by women”, 44 Degrees Art Magazine 

2018                Void- Space- Creation, Artist talk with a multidisciplinary art presentation, Wild  Kids                           Animation Center, Jerusalem,Israel    



Herzliya Museum, Haifa Museum

Private collections in Israel, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Basel, Berlin