MAYA DUNSKY, multidisciplinary artist, painter, Butoh dancer and, choreographer.

Born in Israel, she has spent her early childhood in Nigeria. She is educated in Fine Arts, graphic design, creative dance & choreography. Since 1985 she paved her way in the Butoh dance world as a student of the master Ohno Kazuo, the founder of Butoh, by whom she studied and worked for 3 years.

While in Japan for 6 years, she also studied percussion with the Japanese musician Keiichiro Masuda, and performed with him in Japan and in Israel from 1986 till 1992. Maya is a Butoh dance pioneer in Israel .

Her paintings are mainly large in size and each series maintains a structured logic and characterization, as the diverse series are joined one to another through repetitive motives.

Maya is an artist of color and the repeated forms in her art works, combine mystical and meditative elements, transparent and characterized by inner motion. An abstract atmosphere is formed free of a “story”, even in the presence of familiar objects. The content is weaved like from many transparent layers, one on top of each other, and forms itself into harmonious mass, contains inner motion and gentle frequencies.

As a colorist her main inspiration is Nature phenomenon, both for technical use of color and for understanding the line and the spot, as integrative essences.

In her art works there is a tension between "identified" to abstract and between endless charged spaces to defined matter. She is fascinated by the tension that exists in the range between beauty and loss and by the relations in between the pagane and the urbane.  


Maya creates and exhibit her art works in Israel & abroad. She facilitates a unique painting workshop called "Space- Color -Consciousness", a method she developed.

Her art works are found in museums & privet collection in Israel, New-York, Tokyo, Paris,     

Basel and Berlin.