Resume – Dance 

                       Born in Israel

1962-1965      Lives in Nigeria

1984-1988      Lives and creates in Japan

1991-1992      Lives and creates in Japan

1995               Lives and creates in L.A.,California

1999-2006      Lives in Ein-Hod Artists Village.Studio in Ein-Carmel , Artists Workshops, Israel

2006-2018      Lives & creates in Zickron Yaakov , Israel 


Studies in Israel

1966-69          Classic Ballet dance, Israel

1971-1975      Jazz Dance, Israel

1979               Fine Arts, Ein-Hod artists Village

1980-81          Graphic design, Wizo, College for design,Haifa, Israel

1979-1982      Creative dance & choreography, studio Yardena Cohen & studio Ruth Eshel

1998-2007      Practice the Alexander method with Nily Basan,Israel

2006-2017     Practice Ayengar Yoga in the Yoga Center of Eyal Shifroni, Israel 


Studies in Japan

1985-1987     Butoh Dance with its founder Ohno Kazuo

1986-1992     Percussion with the Japanese Musician Kei Masuda 


Projects & Performances

1988-1992     Bura-Bura , Open form Music.  Duet for drums, percussion, flutes & voice, with

                     the Musician Kei Masuda, Concerts in Israel and Japan in collaboration with

                      musicians, art  performers and dancers

1995              Performance with the butoh master Ohno Kazuo, Sesson Hall Theater ,Tokyo   

1994             “Red Line” Dance & Music Event, Tel-Aviv Museum  

1995             “Dance to the eye of the camera” – project with photographer Drora Spits ,

                     Tel Hai Museum of Photography.

1998             Butoh Dance, Naggler House, Haifa, Israel

1999             Butoh Dance, Ramat-Gan Theatre,Israel

1999             Japanese Poetry, Music and Butoh Dance, Confederation House, Jerusalem      

2000             Butoh Dance in “Tikotin” – the Japanese Museum,Haifa, Israel

1998-2017    Facilitates Butoh Dance Workshops in Israel  

2001             Butoh research workshop with the dancer/ Choreographer  Ko Murobushi

                     Impulstanz Festival, Vienna, Austria

2002             “Concealed & Revealed “ , Mishkenot Sha’ananim ,Jerusalem, Israel  

2002             Video Art “ The High Priest – Face- Inner Face “

2003             "Critical  Mass " , Video Dance

2003            "Critical Mass " ,11 oil paintings , 1 video dance, Nessya Art Gallery,Ramat-Gan, Israel

2003             Dance & Media-Video Dance Festival, Goethe Institute Tokyo, Japan 

2003             Solo Butoh Dance In the Helicon spring Cabaret "Metamorphosis",Old Jafa,Israel  

2003             Butoh Gathering 2003 ,Emek Haela, Israel.Solo:"Between  Breastplates",

                     Solo:"But its much too strong to let it now"

2003             Butoh Dance Event , Chan Theatre , Jerusalem, Israel

2003             Butoh Dance ,Beit Michal,Rehovot. Solo:"Light Beyond"   

                     Solo:" A Bride Within a Thousand years".

2003             Butoh Dance "When the room becomes water", Shaar Festival of new Poetry 2003,

                     Helicon, Tel-Aviv

2003             A Dance Essay:" The High Priest: Face – Inner Face". Published in "Nashim" 

                     A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues

2003             " Women, War and Peace…", Schechter Institute of  Jewish Studies , Jerusalem

2004             Solo Butoh Dance performance:"Point of View", "From the Blue", 

                     In  "Alternative Life House ", Tel-Aviv. 

2004             "Butoh Time", Solo Dance Evening, Tmuna Theatre, Tel -aviv

2005             Solo Butoh Dance- "Dream Passengers", Shaar- International Poetry Festival,TA   

2005             "Bow", Butoh Dance for 3 dancers, Jerusalem

2006             Duet Butoh , Café Tav , Jerusalem

2006             "The Dress",An Ensamble work , Tel-Aviv

2007            "Eye of the storm" ,Maya Dunsky- Butoh Dance  Photography Exhibition,

                     The University Art Gallery,  Tel aviv University , Tel Aviv. Catalogue.

2007             Butoh Dance in the Japanese Garden ,Carmiel,Israel              

2007            Butoh dance" I lean upon the sea at the stern of my heart", Amir Orr

                    Poetry Book launch "Museum of Time ", Bialeik House , Tel Aviv

2007            Solo Butoh Dance "Driada",Shaar International Poetry Festival, Chan Theatre ,  Jerusalem

2008            VDance –International Video dance Festival ,"critical Mass", Cinematheqe ,

                    Tel-Aviv  Credited with  honor & appreciation

2008            "Aquarium" , Duet, Carmel. Dance Festival ,Israel

2008            Established "Menifa" ' Butoh dance ensemble.

2008           "When the room become water", Maya Dunsky & Ensamble "Menifa" Butoh Dance Performance

                    with Video art , Inbal Theatre,Suzan Dellal dance center ,

                    Tel-Aviv Supported by Mifaal Hpais and Rabinowich fund  

2009            "Puminjai", solo, Tikotin, Japanese Art Museum, Haifa, Israel 

2010            "A moon between my teeth" ,Solo, launching poetry book by Amir Or,

                     Beit Bialik museum, Tel-Aviv.

2010            Solo Butoh dance, in "Dreaming reality?" art exibition, Pyramid,  center

                    for contemporary art, Haifa,Israel

2011            "Butoh Soul Dance" , Museum Wilfrid Israel,Kibuts Hazorea, 2 solo

                     dance pieces  "Nafafuri" , "Reserved seat"

2011            An evening of Solo Butoh dance works, Nahmani Theater,Tel-Aviv

2011            "Transparent  letter", Solo Butoh dance , Beit Hagefen Theatre , Haifa,Israel            

2012           "Nameless Whisper", Solo butoh dance , Butoh & Japanese Avantgarde conference,

                    Hecht  Museum & Theatre. Haifa University ,Israel   

2012            "Another Option", Solo Butoh dance, Mystic Rose, Tel Aviv  

2013            "La Voce Del Corpo", The Voice of the body, contemporary art exhibition, Osnago,Italy

2013             An evening of Butoh dance solo works, Zichron Yaakov culture Hall,Israel

2013            "Butoh- Dance of the Soul", Japan Embassy, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2013             Solo Butih dance, Japan embassy in Israel,Tel Aviv

2014          "Table Of Silence ",Solo for live music by the composer Ethan Steinberg,  with Yael Barolsky

                   violin & Amit Landau- Viola. Hateiva,Theatre,Jaffa Tel Aviv  2015  Video art [ Seven Sins]

2015            "Elegant It's Not Goona Be ..."- video art, for " 7 Sins" – group exhibition,

                     "Hasuka" Gallery,Binyamina,Israel

2015            “Seeds and sound”, performed with vocal artist Etty Ben Zaken, Haifa university,  Israel

2015            3 days Intensive Butoh workshop and Artist talk,Berlin, Germany

2016            “Between 2 to 4”, Solo Festival, Hayadit theatre, Pardes Hana, Israel

2016            “Table of Silence” – Project.1hour solo Butoh performance & video art,

                     Theater Institute , Warsaw, Poland

2016             4 days Intensive Butoh workshop, Warsaw, Poland

2016             AVI-Art Video International Festival 2016,The Israeli Film museum,Jerusalem

2017            “Navel”- Solo Butoh Dance, with the vocal artist Etty BenZaken,Hateiva theater,Tel Aviv,Israel

2017            “Muted Dreamer”-Solo Butoh Dance,with Modalius Ensemble,Hateiva theater,Tel Aviv,Israel

2017             4 days Intensive Butoh workshop, Warsaw, Poland

2017             "4 sketches for a woman",Butoh dance performance - Trio "for you are..." Solo " Eye Land ",                            The Academy for performing arts, Tel Aviv,Israel

2017             "Punctuation marks in a sentence of Eternity" - creates & performs in a multidisciplinary stage                         project  with a wide  participation of artists from Israel and abroad, by Yenin Shilo Alfred                                   Gallery, Tel Aviv,Israel

2018                "Intake" - Video art / dance

2018                Dream Yard – Duet,Dutoh dance. "La Voce Del Corpo", The Voice of the body, contemporary                           arts Festival, Italy

2018                Void- Space- Creation, Artist talk with a multidisciplinary art presentation, Wild Kids                                          Animation Center, Jerusalem,Israel

2018               " With Hands Outstretched ", solo butoh dance inspired by poetry of Tsila Zan-Bar Tsur ,

                       from her book "Anar Balchi " , Sufi Poetry ,"Orpheus in Jaffa 20, Jaffa Theatre, Tel- Aviv