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Embracing  the  Secret

Dancing  the  Secret

Being  the Secret


Butoh workshop facilitated by Maya Dunsky explores studies and researches the inner motion and frequencies, which gather strength as it forms itself slowly and gently into an ecstatic presence. 

The practice is based on improvisation, imagination and constant creativity. Requires deep listening and observes the energetic faze of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Along with being a performing art, Butoh brings the moving person / dancer to an emotional transformation and self healing. 

The workshop concentrates on a process that encourages one to shed off any habits or beliefs, in favor of meeting with an authentic body language that grows out of emotional worlds. 

Emphasis on thinking as an integral part of conscious creation and parallel to the practical work, constant dialogue is conducted with the participants, about the nature of the processes and experiences that arise. 

Maya specializes in accompanying processes of creativity and administering the therapeutic into the path of the artist within. 

Butoh intensive workshop with Maya Dunsky is for those interested in deep inner process that directs to the essence. It is suitable for Movement lovers, dancers, 

actors, theater and psychodrama practitioners, Dance therapists and other artistic and therapeutic professions that touch the imagination, transformation and empowerment 

 As we deepen our insight into the energetic dimension of the physical, emotional, mental &  spiritual layers, the following concepts and contents will be addressed: 

1. Exploring the inner movement that gather strength, while slowly forming itself to       an ever ecstatic existence. 

2. Letting go of the need to create forms in space, leading to a wholesome being         beyond shape...  

3. Breaking apart a movement to the infinite particles that shape it. 

4. Reconnecting with the inner silent warrior. 

5. The breath brings forth the motion. 

6. Stillness within motion – motion within stillness. 

7. Undressing the familiar layers, and letting go of limiting thought forms, to allow         timeless space. 

8.  Becoming the witness


Butoh is an avant-garde soul dance born in Japan in the late 50's, as a spiritual rebellion, by the dancers/ Masters Ohno Kazuo & Hijikata Tatsumi. Since the 80's, it is a universal artistic janner with various characteristics and different styles. 

Butoh dance is an intense emotional dance that stimulates the viewer, and leads him into a deep multi-sensory experience while putting the obvious in a new place of wonder, doubt and questions, willing to remain without a concrete answer. 

Its undefined nature is based on improvisation and does not address itself to what is easily acceptable or considerably “beautiful”.

Butoh draws its many expressions through an absolute and direct journey into the depths of the soul and leads to extreme aside introversion and intimacy, unfolding a world of magic and inner rituals, offering a world of contrasts and ecstatic state of being.  An inner motion is born, slowly and gently forms itself out of emotional Intensity

The Butoh dancer usually paints the face and the body with slightly transparent white pigment, free from the need to create shapes in space. The dancer is connected to the nature of essence & existing in a quiet zone of deep listening, within a secretive presence. It is an Intimate presence, not addressed to the private and vibrates into space, treasured at peak, exposed, and transforming the concept of time, size and space.